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Job interviews - a waste of time?

I found an interesting post today on my favorite blog, Seth Godin's. He says that job interviews are a waste of time; after all, would you marry someone based on a one-hour interview? Of course not.

His words hit home with me because my worst, most nightmarish sales jobs were the ones with the most promising interviews. My future manager seemed like the greatest guy in the world, and he promised the world, too - I'd be on my own, free to sell as I saw fit, with none of the cold calling or blitz stupidity.

Then, after I'd accepted the job and it was time to report to work, hell began. 50 calls a day. Mandatory cold call blitzes. Weekly funnel reviews. Micro-management.

I think Seth is right ... here's the full text of his post (it's long but good - read it):

Seth Godin on job interviews

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