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How much are you holding yourself back?

A couple of days ago on my discussion forum, a salesperson posted that he tried one - only one - of my ideas three months ago. He wrote some articles pertinent to his industry and uploaded them to free article directories.

Three months later, his articles have been picked up and published by hundreds of websites, and he is now, suddenly, considered a top expert in his field. His competition has been completely blown out of the water, price objections have disappeared, and he's become a Top Sales Pro.

This was all the result of implementing just one of my free ideas, and spending a few hours doing it. I love hearing these stories, because for every one of those, there are a hundred people who read my books and do nothing all all with them, or who say, "Aw, what's the use, it won't work for me anyway" and then toss it aside.

What a mistake. This gentleman is living proof that failing to implement is a huge mistake.

I've made the same mistake as a marketer. I've held off on implementing new ideas because I was afraid they might not work. They always did, once I tried them ... this post reminded me of it:

The two things that kill marketing creativity

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