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What If Cold Calling Is Your Only Option?

Very few people return the Never Cold Call Again system despite the fact that I sell it on a very generous "try before you buy" offer. However, the people who do return it all have the same reason:

"I want to use your system, but my boss makes me cold call!"

If you're in that dilemma, I feel your pain - I've been there too. Many times. 

If you absolutely, positively have to make cold calls, then there's good news: Social media is your friend.

Social media, once you get past the hype and the useless ways in which most people try to employ it for cold call selling, can be a very powerful tool in "getting in the door" with a desired prospect.

First of all, if you have a list of companies you want to target - and this is the first step if you're going to do effective cold calling - then you can use LinkedIn to find out who the key decision makers are.

Second, sites like LinkedIn and Facebook can give you a wealth of information about your new prospect, or as they're more positively known, your probable purchaser. (And using this strategy makes a sale all the more probable!)

Go beyond the corporate stuff. Where did he go to school? What are her hobbies? What is his hometown? Is he married? Does she have kids? What are their favorite foods? Where else has your prospect worked?

Can you see how using social media can really boost your cold calling potential?

Before picking up the phone, look for commonalities that you can talk about. In the old days, this was accomplished by asking a friendly receptionist lots of questions about the prospect, before going into the cold call. Now the Internet puts all that information right at your fingertips!

Let's take it a step further: Why try to make a phone cold call when you can use LinkedIn to send an "InMail" to the prospect instead?

Then after an initial contact is made, friend the person on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter and reply to interesting tweets now and then. Begin a dialogue. Become friends, if only virtually.

Remember that people don't buy on price, features, benefits, or any of that. They buy people, and any chance they get, they buy from friends.

So if your boss subjects you to cold calling, make the most of it - use social media to supercharge your cold calls and your sales!

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