Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr., New York Times best-selling author who redefined selling, now uses the science of social dynamics to unleash unstoppable people and organizations, while continuing to teach tens of thousands of salespeople how to generate hot leads without cold calling.

Frank learned the hard way that chasing prospects and goals only keeps them out of reach. While working as an account executive for a Fortune 100 company, Frank did what he was told and chased every prospect. He cold called, he went through the traditional steps of a sale that he was taught, he placed prospects and customers first, and as a result he experienced nothing but failure and frustration.

Then Frank learned about the science of social dynamics from a star performer and everything changed. This top producer took Frank under his wing and explained the basics of why people buy, why one person has the power and the next doesn't, and how and why these principles apply in any and all situations, business or otherwise. Frank's sales results more than tripled - almost immediately - as a result of applying these principles.

Frank has taken these principles, perfected them, built systems around them, and can now apply them anywhere to get anything.

Frank left the sales profession at the top of his game and he now helps others to approach their work and their lives from a position of power. A serial entrepreneur in industries including internet, telecom, and insurance, Frank has experienced explosive growth first-hand without using obsolete tactics that drain profits. Frank is regularly quoted in mainstream media including Entrepreneur, Investors Business Daily, and Selling Power.