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The book is a quick read, especially if you're into real esttae and have read some RE books before. But the authors' writing style, makes it easy for investors of all levels to understand the concepts. The authors are of course two RichDad Advisors (Sutton and Kennedy) and they start out by saying that there are two types of real esttae loopholes: tax and legal.- From the tax standpoint, these are the loopholes that you want to open and use.- From the legal standpoint, these are the loopholes that you want to close and make sure no one sues you.Kennedy starts by going over basics of different ways that you can get into real esttae, including a section on how to build your team. Then you get walked through how to create a real esttae investing plan. It's pretty basic stuff, but very well done. Then you get taken through the tax system (briefly) in the US and you get walked through the three types of income: earned, passive and portfolio. Real esttae is obviously passive in most instances and this is where you want to concentrate your efforts.You then get a look at seven of the legal deductions that a real esttae investor can legally take. There are over 100 deductions, but she covered the main seven you should be concerned with.Next up is Mr. Sutton who will take you through the legal strategies to protect your assets. He takes you through different types of insurance you should have and then gets to the good stuff: how you should hold your real esttae. He takes you through the pros and cons of C corps, S corps, LLCs, LPs, general partnerships, and sole proprietorships. Most people don't think of this stuff until after they purchase a place, but it makes sense to plan ahead and protect yourself.The last half of the book is how to analyze properties, make the offer, do a title search, and watch the cash flow come in. The book is filled with some good stories and examples that keep you moving through the book. It will definitely motivate you and make you feel like I can do this stuff. Which is a great result from a book. I think it's a must-read for the budding RE investor. Real Estate Loopholes is obviously a RichDad Advisors book so it will sell millions of copies regardless of what's in it, but it's worth the buy. I just wish they had worked with Dolf DeRoos and put his book Real Estate Riches together with this one and made a really great book instead of one good one (this one) and one awful one (DeRoos').

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