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November 12, 2007



Knowing what I know about the vermin in this state I expect nothing less from these people. In my own neighborhood we have people that have lived here for about 15 minutes who try to change everything and act like some kind of self appointed block captain.


... that have lived here for about 15 minutes.... yeah, and the others have their numb and dumb head in the sand and talking about how wonderful the dry heat is....

Joe Jacari

I hate to say it, since I'm from there, but a majority
of the candy-a**es coming into this state and wimpifying it are from California.

Oh, and also from the lib areas of the East Coast, and even Midwest lib zones like the current crop of housing bubble-era trailer trash slouching in from Minneapolis.

They come here, then, the next thing you know it's "Hey, Phoenix is having its first Gay 10K Run! Aren't we so progressive?" Yay! (This happened in the year 2000. Big deal. What a stupid spectacle).

I'm like, "WTF?"

Who gives a sh*t? Keep it in your pants or in your bedroom, but don't go out and make it a cause celebre like the kooks in San Francisco, whipping themselves in public displays of nudity, and mocking convential American morals and values.

Add to it, Arizona is one of the most politically backwards a** and corrupt states in the union, and no wonder we're running deficits and kids aren't being taught English or American history in classes stuffed to the gills with illegal aliens.

This state has steadily gone down hill, in the almost eight years I've lived here. And no relief is in site on the horizon.

When this housing crash really starts cooking, you're going to see some amazing sh*t. That's all I've got to say.

Just stay focused on what the real issues are. Like the rise fall of Scottsdale.


What Joe had to say brought up somethings I have been pondering for awhile now. Why is it as a white American male I have to welcome with open arm every race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, pervert, and freak of nature into my groups and organizations? Yet they can have their own groups and organizations that exclude me? Whose idea of equality is this? For example isn't just a local 10k run inclusive enough for everyone? Or do we really need the gay and lesbian 10k? Isn't one womans expo enough? Or do we really need the Latina womans expo? I believe its things like this that are the reason we are no longer a melting pot but an ethnic salad. One with many layers that come together on fewer and fewer issues over time.

Back to the housing situation. Maybe we are headed for a depression and if so I am starting to believe it maybe a good thing. I think as a nation this might be what we need to get ourselves grounded in reality again. Having life too good is what I think has made us fat, lazy, and void of personal responsibility. Once we hit rock bottom maybe we can get back to the important things in life again like being decent human beings, having a savings, and planning for the future.

david wilson

We need a 10k for gays/lesbians because we have been EXCLUDED, fired from jobs and all around crapped on for all too long. If you aren't gay, you really have no clue as to the severity and destruction of discrimination. We have had to watch your 10 k's, and everything else, so why are you concerned about our 10 k? Is it because you think we should be INVISIBLE?

True, banning the shooting of the balloons is stupid.

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