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November 30, 2007


Stupid sheeple

Regulations are good, until they affect me.


Frank, I enjoy your site, but I'm just curious as to why you would oppose a smoking ban? Smoking inside is disgusting. You have to race home and throw your shit in the laundry and take a shower. I came from Michigan where no one can go 5 seconds without lighting up a heater. it's repulsive. i was at a football game a couple weeks ago here and some bimbo lit up a heater while we were in line and burned me right on the arm...nasty blister, the whole 9 yards. i shot her a look like WTF....and she turned to her friend and says, "He ran into my cigarette." HAHAHAHAHA closest i've ever come to hauling off and punching a woman right in the face. Smoking is repulsive, if you want to do it, get your fat lazy ass up and go smoke outside with the other losers.

Kyt Dotson

I am fairly certain that the FDA is only considering regulating the levels of sodium in highly processed food. It would be blatantly stupid for them to attempt to regulate the distribution of table salt -- and they certainly don't have the money to do so even if they had the will.

A link to news stories on this would have been useful.


To quoth, "If one advocacy group has its way, the government could soon limit the amount of sodium manufacturers can put in packaged foods and put warning labels on high-sodium products."

Perhaps, to start, the FDA might instead fund some sort of public health announcements about the role of sodium in our health (because the salt content of a lot of processed food is monstrous) and ask the consumers to regulate their choices and thus sway the industry before they step in and bring the smackdown on the even the most egregious actors in the industry.

Frank Rumbauskas

I oppose smoking bans, John, exactly for the reasons you said in your comment. Smoking bans give total disregard to personal freedoms and liberties. You want to ban OTHERS from smoking because YOU dislike it personally.

Sorry but your distaste for something is not reason enough to ban it. People don't seem to understand that we DO NOT live in a "democracy" - the US is a "democratic republic." That means majority rule applies IF and ONLY IF that rule strictly abides by the Constitution. Smoking bans violate the basic rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Do you eat meat, John? What happens when the vegetarians band together and pass a ban on serving steak in restaurants based on their personal dislike for it and lots of medical "evidence" and junk science stating that red meat is bad for us?

It's not unrealistic. People don't understand the concept of precedent. Allowing government to implement a smoking ban sets the precedent for them to ban ANYTHING they want. You have to allow them, because when you gave permission on the smoking ban, you gave de facto permission to ban whatever they like.

They did it with foie gras in Chicago. Steak will be next somewhere. And it continues on a downward spiral from there.


I'm all for outlawing everything, but only after we take car of this 3rd world garbage nobody addresses in the bleeding heart circles!!!!!!

PHOENIX -- Six men arrested Thursday in a kidnapping-for-ransom were part of a professional kidnapping ring targeting relatives of criminals, Phoenix police said.

Police said two women, a 3-year-old girl and a 9-month-old baby were kidnapped around 9 a.m. Wednesday from their home near 55th Avenue and McDowell Road.

The kidnappers contacted the husband of one of the women and demanded $500,000 to return the victims safely, according to police. Police said the ransom eventually increased to $900,000.

The man contacted police Wednesday evening.

Police said investigators determined Thursday afternoon that the victims were being held at a home near 37th Avenue and Camelback Road.

A special weapons and tactics unit rescued the victims and took six men into custody.

Police said the victims were all OK, though there had been some "inappropriate touching." None of the victims were hospitalized.

The alleged kidnappers were identified as Hugo Jaramillo, 24; Bernie Santizo, 26; Miguel Santizo-Lopez, 46; Jordan Lopez-Camacho, 18; Gonzalo Anton, 20; and Guillermo Perez, 41.

Investigators said the men were part of a professional kidnapping ring that targets the relatives of criminals, then demands hundreds of thousands of dollars for their return. The victims are usually related to drug smugglers or "coyotes" -- human smugglers -- who have access to large amounts of money.

In this case, police said, the victim's husband was arrested on drug charges after she and the other victims were rescued.

Police said these professional kidnappings are prevalent in Central America and began appearing in the Phoenix area within the last three years. Phoenix police said they currently see between one and three such cases each week, but those are only the reported ones.

Johnny Chicago

While I agree with your general thesis that Scottsdale Sucks, its one big whopping Suburban bore. Corporate chain store, strip mall after strip mall, outside of the weather, there is little to be desired in my opinion.

I hail from Chicago, IL, a real city, that has everything a human being could possibly want, with the exception of good weather.

However, I can't help but be opposed to your outrageous right wing view, that completely miss the entire point, on the issues in which you've voiced them.

Scottsdale, and the state of Arizona are so far removed from being Democratic, let alone "Liberal" let alone Socialist.

Your site sucks, because you fail to address the real reasons while Scottsdale sucks. Why it is a plastic city in everyway, and the real issues that deserve criticism. Instead you run this site to spew your misguided right wing viewpoints, and try and sell your book, that I doubt anyone wants to read. Until its used in B-Schools, its probably just another book taking up space in the business section at Borders. If you want real accomplishment in writing(and maybe you have already achieved this) Get published in Journals. Books go out of print, Academic Journals never do.

Eric Ogunbase


I have to agree with you. Once the government gets used to taking freedom, they seldom give it back. For instance, the taxes that are automatically taken from w-2 employees were only supposed to be automatically withheld until the end of WWII. The idea was that it was supposed to "help pay for the war". Well, WWII has been over for six decades, and the federal withholding is still alive and well.

@ John: It is your right to dislike smoking. But why should the government tell a private business owner what he can and can't permit in his business? Smoking is legal if you are 18 or over. If I as a bar owner want to allow my patrons to smoke, why can't I? For the health of my workers? If you don't want to work in a bar that has smoking, then find a non smoking bar. Think of it this way: some roofers fall off of houses and can land on others. Should we outlaw roofing because people fall off of some houses? Should it be illegal for the health of the workers? Or, do you accept it as an occupational hazard?

Frank Rumbauskas

"If you want real accomplishment in writing (and maybe you have already achieved this) Get published in Journals. Books go out of print, Academic Journals never do."

Huh? Why? Sounds like a pissed-off college professor to me. Academia is a bunch of people who have never left school and never accomplished anything in the real world. You obviously know very little about the publishing business if you fail to realize that NY Times bestseller is considered the ultimate achievement.

"Scottsdale, and the state of Arizona are so far removed from being Democratic, let alone "Liberal" let alone Socialist."

You my friend are dead wrong. Your statement was correct 5 years ago. Arizona, however, is now the newest Blue State in the union.


i have to agree with frank. Arizona is bound to swing blue when all the RE speculators leave, the illegal alien problem runneth over, and all the gold diggers flock back to CA.

Johnny Chicago

I agree, I think there is a strong chance for AZ to go Blue this coming election, but I'm not sure its by a landslide or anything. It most certainly is not California, one of the most liberal, if not the most liberal state in the U.S. Frank, in previous posts, calling the Scottsdale government Socialist is way off, you make them sound like S.F,

And lastly, I am a leftist, So the prospect of AZ turning Blue, is the very best thing i've heard about Arizona.

After my last comment, before it was even posted, I checked my provided email, and by chance there was an email from the Scottsdale minutemen, those types of email don't just ;magically appear in my inbox, so thank you Frank for sending that to me. It was some of the biggest B.S. I've ever had the misfortune of reading.

Frank Rumbauskas

Hi Johnny -

I never sent you any "Scottsdale minutemen" emails. I didn't even know there was such a thing (if there is, I'm sure the fascist Scottsdale PD will put them down); in the future; I'd appreciate that you do not make false accusations like that. Your dishonestly exposes you as a true leftist. Go the f*ck back to Chicago if Arizona isn't commie enough for you. Enjoy your gun ban, foie gras ban, and every other f*cked up thing about that city.

PS - In case you haven't noticed, Arizona has already gone blue. You have a 2-term left-wing liberal governor. Phoenix and Scottsdale have both been democrat-controlled for quite some time. And you even voted out conservative hero JD Hayworth for a dem.

If you can't see that AZ is already blue then you must be color blind.


If the US dollars keeps sinking it won't matter what the governments does with our salt. We will all be eating Soylent Green anyway.lol


Scottsdale Sucks? Your here aren't you...

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