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November 27, 2007



word of advice: stop mixing your biz promotions with this website. if you keep it up someone else will start a 'i hate scottsdale site'.


OC home prices crash: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-homes28nov28,1,589775.story?coll=la-utilities-business

Frank Rumbauskas

Woohoo!! We drove around open houses this past weekend and couldn't wipe the big stupid grins off our faces. Houses that were $3 million when we first started looking here are now under $2 million and falling.


The only downside is the over $3 million market is unaffected due to cash buyers in that market, so that kinda sucks. Prices in that segment are holding steady.


LOL..7% decline. Yeah, like thats not some press release from the CA realtors association (or whatever they are called).

"MASSIVE DECLINE: 7%! Get in now. BARGAINS...!"


Looks like those business owning millionaires (who make $30K) are biiiiig hitters.


Done! :)

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