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November 22, 2007


Your Jewish Master


I would like you and Keith at HP to be guest commentators on my blog. Would you be interested? I don't believe you subscribe to the Mad Max future, and would like your perspective in a few paragraphs a week. Write your own bio with links to get more traffic to your websites.
As a bestselling author in a line of work that could be affected by the coming market conditions, I think your opinion would be a great asset. And a way for you to reach folks you might not normally.

Leave a comment at my blog, or email me with the best way to get a hold of you (I moderate commentary)


Joe Jacari

FRANK SAYS: "I've never seen a town with so little loyalty and so much mindless herding to the latest trend."

JOE SAYS: Right on! Like I said, Scottsdale is a microcosm of the direction this country is heading. And it's not good.

Given the recent transmorgrification of this once-admirable town into a mindless McCity, my new name for Scottsdale is Sucksdale.

And the new motto for Sucksdale is, "Welcome to Sucksdale, now go home. It's actually better where you came from."

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