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November 21, 2007


Your Jewish Master

Arizona is a boom or bust state. Tombstone needed 10,000 prostitutes, it had such a large population. Ever been there these days?
Life losers will blow away on the wind, just like their credit that's drying up. And the Phoenix area will quiet down, and slow back down to its good old casual pace that alot of folks miss.
What happens to the abandoned styrofoam sh!boxes is anyone's guess. Perhaps school fieldtrips to the ghost towns to learn of man's folly.

Frank Rumbauskas

Agreed, those of us who are normal actually WANT Phoenix to return to what it used to be. It used to be a helluva nice place to live.


I will be stying at the Carefree Resort in a couple of weeks and was wondering if someone could give me some info about the place. I understand that it's a nice place with great service. Any feedback would be appreciated




Carefree Resort is a moderate, low-key and somewhat non-descript place to stay in the far north outskirts of metropolitan Phoenix (where North Scottsdale ends and rolls into the town of Carefree).
Carefree is the place where old people go to visit their parents.
I went to the town of Carefree once, but it was....closed.


I thought I would share my experience with you. I just found this site and I'm amazed to find so many people who corroborate my impressions of Scottsdale.

I should say that I went to Scottsdale every April from 1985 to 1993 and loved the place. My folks considered moving there when I went to college. I didn't visit again until this year. I remember back in the 80s everyone was saying that they didn't want Phoenix to become another Los Angeles. As it turns out, that would have been a good thing, because what they have now is much, much worse.

Scottsdale used to have an easy going, friendly vibe. An understated affluence. And yeah, it wasn't such a stretch to imagine when Arizona was the old west. I remember loving the restaurants because you could get an awesome, simple, mesquite-grilled steak for a song.

What the hell happened? McMansions everywhere, more expensive cars than Beverly Hills, and every bar and restaurant are full of poorly executed, ersatz-fusion food and simple people who don't do a very good job of pretending to be wealthy.


Prescott and "real people"??? You jest. It's become Scottsdale North with a little LA loser thrown in to keep the crime up. Prescott used to be (and I know...I'm a 5th generation native) very charming, authentic, and supremely livable and enjoyable. Now, it's an outpost of the swill down south. I want to stay in this state, but, hell...where??


Got out of AZ back in 2005, landed in a small city in Florida. Can't say this native will ever go back (lived right outside Scottsdale in PV....the part of Phoenix, not the "Town of" for 37 years.....)

Went back there twice. First time for my brother's wedding, and the second time to meet my little niece and couldn't wait to leave both times. Funny thing is ten years ago I could have sworn I was going to live there forever.

The kicker is my husband was constantly whining about how he missed AZ when we moved out here. After the last trip back, he was sure glad we got out of there.

Too bad....it was a great place to grow up!


I agree, but ...

"It's bad enough that hostile, lib socialists ...."

You gotta be crazy. Scottsdale is the corporate dream come true, a trade-mark not of lib's but Goldwater types and those who like bright white cities with no diversity. A new chinese resturant puts them on the edge.

Tempe is lib.

Frank Rumbauskas

Sorry but Scottsdale is no longer full of corporate and Goldwater types. It's full of Botox-infested lazy realtor golddiggers, drug-addict clubgoers, phonies of every shape, size, and variety.

The common theme is everyone in Scottsdale now "deserves" a big house and flashy car without having to work for any of it. It should all just be handed to them.

And that, my friend, is a socialist politician's dream come true. Hillary's dream come true. People who will vote for the candidate promising the most free handouts.

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