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November 18, 2007



I didn't know what the hell those freestanding photo radar things were for the longest time. They probably cause more accidents once people realize what they are when passing by. The whole thing is very big brother and very scary.



My trip to North Scottsdale..

I live in Gilbert...relatively tame and family oriented. I go to the Lifetime Fitness gym in Gilbert...full of kids but large enough to never feel crowded. Just a huge family place ..kids playing everywhere etc etc..

One day's plans had me in North Scottsdale delivering some paperwork to one of my employees and I decided to work out at the North Scottsdale Lifetime Fitness by S-dale road and Mayo Blvd.

First thing I laughed at was the Valet... are you kidding me? Valet parking? For a gym? Well the lot for the Valet was almost completely empty... no doubt from the reduction of fake millionaires..no more pretty Hummer to park so they park the Ford Taurus out back.. (no offense to Taurus owners..)

Entering the club I have to ask the front desk teenager on her private cell phone if she could take a minute out of her busy social schedule to take my card and swipe it..not even acknowledging or looking at me she hold her hand out...so naturally I drop it right between the computer monitor and the counter... oopsie.. "I'll call you back" she mutters with disgust, hanging up the phone to finally do her job.

Walking into the Men's locker room it is proven to me that I am in Scottsdale.. a big typed sign on the wall when you walk in reads " Due to increased locker room thefts we will begin routine patrols of the locker room. We advise our member to refrain from leaving any valuables in the lockers". I laugh out loud... of course, only in Scottsdale would there exist scumbags low enough to resort to stealing from Gym lockers... and stupid I should say as what do they expect to find? It's Scottsdale.. possibly a wallet with a maxed out credit card? Several condoms from 2006? Perhaps a free dance pass to one of the strip clubs in town....or a little coke? Thats about it.

Upstairs working out it was full of silicone implanted truly ugly leather skinned bleach blond nasty women and the usual wanna be Scottsdale biker fake tough guy...they only work out 2 body parts.. chest and arms..I love how cool they think they are with that beer gut.

Synopsis? Since I was from "inferior" Gilbert...it was easy to see how fake, rude and corrupt S-dale has become. The signs of the financial crash are everywhere...the city is rotting, and right now I get the feeling it is in shock still...kind of a horrid disbelief that the housing ATM scam is over but it hasn't fully sunk in...the last of what little savings is drying up and the sad realization that their lives are nothing more than a sham is sinking in. BUT...because they are fake losers, they will never admit their loss, or problem so I am guessing we will see and new group of scum emerge even more ghetto minded trying to look cool in their 89 Chevy Caprice's.


"Just us" has been served!!! I guess the sentencing guildlines don't apply if your a washed up celebrity in Arizona. Great message they are sending in the Mike Tyson case with one day in jail. I assure you some money exchanged hands in the case to result in a one day sentence for dui and drug possession. So much for that " Expect the max" slogan huh? I think this guy will have to kill one of the citizens of Arizona before he will get the same justice the rest of us would receive and even then I am not sure.

Your Jewish Master

You nailed it as usual Frank.

Here is a typical builder in North Scottsdale:

Builds multi-million dollar styrofoam sh!tboxes

Somehow gets the City to approve any shoddy crap done in the house or on the site. How about carving 10 vertical feet of cut into a hilside three feet away from the house with no retaining wall. Hell, you can't dig a ditch without proper sidewall protection from collapse. How about building the house three feet higher than what is allowed.

Then treat your relative/protoge like such crap that he goes behind your back to the City and reports all deficiencies to the PROPER authorities, and all inspections are nullified. This doesn't help when you are having trouble finding buyers.

Heres a little inside baseball on how to build a tall column on a styrofoam sh!tbox in five easy steps!

1) Stand 2x4s on end in a radial pattern.
2) Take Sonotube concrete forms and slice them in half.
3) Wrap Sonotubs around the 2x4s.
4) Fill "column" with styrofoam peanuts to make them sound more solid when knocked upon by someone, and to eliminate a resonation that may occur with an H2 passing by with its base cranked.
5) Add 1/64th of an inch of Stucco and paint.

As an outside consultant, I get to see all kinds of neat stuff!


Frank Rumbauskas

Master - thanks for that one - I love the comment on the H2 with the bass cranked!

Great blog by the way!!! I need to add a blogroll here with all my favorites.


Hello and welcome back to Cali where people go 85 all the time - especially on the 101N to SB to SF. :)

Good grief- on the outskirts of PHX, correct me, but isn't the speed limit 75?? (If not oops - I've been going too fast on my way back home). And then, there are those AZ road signs that look like the speed limit *IS* 85mph (the ones by some prison).
I recall seeing a few of these road signs outside of Tucson and making the mistake of going 85mph when eventually there was another speed limit sign for 75mph (or was it 70???). *shrugs*

So confusing, or maybe that's what its supposed to be and then people from Cali like me get pulled over when all the AZ DMV needs to do is change the damn signs!

All I can say is that you need to go on a vacation and de-stress after having come back to civilization from Scottsdale. Just wash it all off, imo.

If it were me, I'd go shopping at the Chanel boutique NM at FI and then have lunch in LB after driving down the Coast Hwy while glimpsing the sparkling, glistening, Pacific.

Take care.


Frank Rumbauskas

Ahh, I'm completely recovered and healed from my Scottsdale visit. In fact I'm so happy and giddy today just to be here. Even on the short 6-mile drive from home in Newport Coast to my office on Jamboree, I appreciate living here so much more. Just looking around at how normal and professional the people around here are vs. Scottsdale has a big smile on my face.

My girlfriend's cousin who lives a mile away in Turtle Ridge and I were chatting about how much we love living in an area where everyone is so entrepreneurial and driven and always striving for a higher level of achievement. He had gone out in Scottsdale on Friday night and realized it's a bunch of people who are doing nothing with their lives and who try to live well on debt instead of creating any real income or wealth.

On Saturday night, when his sister asked, "Where do you want to go?" he replied "Orange County" ... lol

As to the speed limits thing, yes it's 75 outside of Phoenix metro, and even in the metro area itself things are okay. But then you get to Scottsdale and it's a police state. I noticed the speed limits had been dropped to 45 on roads that used to be 55-60 and are now full of speed cameras, and even in Phoenix proper I noticed the speed limit on 51 northbound has been artificially lowered to 55.

Ahh, it's so good to be back around normalcy again. I'm so damn happy to be home and able to appreciate how good things are here. Especially while driving on the 73 earlier - doing 80 in the right lane with the other lanes all passing me with no fear of overzealous cops. Beautiful.

Your Jewish Master

Thanks Frank!

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I've been to Arizona once...to take a shit.

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