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April 25, 2008



Wow -- Mr. Rivero-Lowen clearly is suffering from some sort of sociopathic disorder. (Or, alternately, his ARM just shot up this month.)

Joe Jacari

Guys like Steve Rivero-Lowen are in a state of denial and blame Frank for their problems. They should look at their own loser resumes for the genesis of their misery.

Steve Rivero-Lowen? WTF?

Sounds like some ultra-lib, man-hating feminist b-tch with two lasts names. Just the type of human scum that's invaded Scottsdale with a passion.

You, sir, a house divided. And a house divided cannot stand.

You need to make up your mind who you are: Rivero or Lowen.

Then, when you figure out who you are, you can discover what you've become: a leading antagonist in Children of the Corn Part IV: Scottsdale low-life trailer trash, masquerading as high-class sophisticate, finally meets economic reality 101 (the only college course you'll probably ever get, and free, from the Univeristy of Hard Knocks).

Now, go forth and sheist someone else.

Or better yet, scrounge for your next meal amongst the critters in the scrubbrush, cacti and sage as a buck-toothed, corndog-munching, Chickasaw County Fair, Child of the Corn.


Is this 6000 sqft Steve Rivero-Lowen-Buffet-Gates-Trump? Why so much seething anger from a guy who is supposed to be doing so well and living such a great life in Scottsdale?

The Truth

Hahaha ... I see our little hyphenated fruitcake is back. She's obviously been lurking and seething with pent up anger the whole time. But maybe she realizes that this site is accurate and she can't help but to check it out. Or maybe she realizes that she's the poster gal for this site. Who knows.

It looks like she waited for the right time to just shut the whole thing down with that intellectually damning and well worded email (typical of a jealous, brain dead, Scottsdale-style retard).

Didn't she say that she lived in a huge house near Desert Mountain but she actually lives in a little 3k sf cookie cutter sh*tbox? Hahahaha. What a freak. Why would she lie about that? Is she insecure or something? Lol. I mean, most Scottsdale nutballs make themselves out to be way more than they really are but this little wh*re takes the cake.

scottsdale is stupid

Are there any suns fans in here? Just wondering so I don't offend anyone too bad but he sure as hell sounds like one to me. A little off topic I know but I hate the Suns big time.

Steve Rivero-Lowen

Isn't this interesting....I sent my e-mail to your scam 'Fitwallet' Site and it was published on Scottsdale Sucks. Frank, you are clearly an asshole. I am sure you are upset at Scottsdale after they got your number and you had to run to California. Your little eunichs parrot you, but of
course there are many losers in this world, as I am certain you know.
I am sure you live with your self described Westchester Bimbo
in a little rented room far from the beach. Sorry, you couldn't make it work in Arizona, asshole.

Frank Rumbauskas


The mere fact that you think I "ran" from ugly, hot, banal Arizona to move to a stunningly beautiful pleasant place shows how completely ass-backwards you have it.

Scottsdale is where you live when you are working your way up and need to save money. It is a rung on the ladder, not a destination in itself. I lived there specifically for cheap living so I could put money toward my business. It's also a place where shysters and con artists go, knowing that they can have anonymity in the sea of shysters that lives there.

Now that my business is successful, I no longer have to work, and the cost of housing is not a limiting factor, I can live wherever the hell I want. When one is in that position, Scottsdale is no longer on the list of desirable places to live. In fact, going back there to visit friends a couple of times a year feels like punishment. We always arrive with a list of our favorite restaurants to hit, and always wind up skipping them to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

Have a nice life in your upside-down-mortgage hellhole in ugly Scottsdale. I'll continue to love life here in Newport Coast (sorry to inform you but "little rented rooms" don't even exist in Newport Coast.) In fact tonight we're having a ton of friends over for a get-together, something that doesn't happen much in Scottsdale because friends there are rare. (Unless they think they can get something from you - then they're "friends" for life.)


PS: To everyone else, sorry to sound like a snob but this reject deserves a taste of his own medicine.

Dean Kennedy

OK folks, I think I am the reason for Mr. I'm-So-Cool-I-Hyphenated-My-Name Steverino's latest angry outburst. I think while I was driving back to my office from lunch the other day, Mr. Hyphen pulled up next to me and saw me relaxed and calm at a stoplight in my paid for with cash Chrysler 300c, while he was next to me nervously looking for the repo man tailing him in his leased BMW 3-Series. Mr. Hyphen blew a gasket that there are some people who have lived a responsible life and have paid-for cars, houses with 48% loan-to-value ratios and a pile of cash in the bank that could pay off the mortgage in a second. In other words, people like me.

So again sorry everybody, and sorry Mr. Hyphen for ruining your day. I know I can never be as cool as you, and that's why I don't even try.

Frank Rumbauskas

Haha Dean, classic! What's funny is that people like Mr. Hyphen are in total DENIAL that people like us exist.

Joe Jacari

I think Steve Rivero-Lowen is pissed because he can't afford those $6.99 China Star Supper Buffet dinners and lunches everyday, now that his realtwhore job is gone.

Oh, well. It's Ramen time for Stevie...

D in Scottsdale

Frank, we just got back from a 2 week vacation in California. One day in Santa Monica, one day at Pebble Beach , three days in San Fran and spent the remainder in Sequoia and Yosemite. Oh, and we drove all the way up the coast by taking the '1' to San Fran.

It was the first time that I've spent quality time in California since I moved to Scottsdale in 04 and after seeing it I can say that the natural beauty of California makes it, in my mind, the most breathtaking and beautiful state in the Union. We came back energized from the great times we had and from the natural beauty we saw. It was one of the best vacations I've ever had and I would move out there in a heartbeat.

Steve, if you're reading and you truly believe that people leave Scottsdale for Newport because they can't hack it here, then you've got a chemical imbalance or some kind of mental issue. Scottsdale is a dusty cow-town compared to what we saw in California. Don't berate me for saying that either, I know that Scottsdale is sufficient for your needs, but keep in mind that I live here too.

Frank Rumbauskas

Nice! As for me, I always avoided California because everyone in Arizona told me how horrible it is. Then in 2003 some relatives from back east got a vacation rental in Newport Beach and invited me out, and I immediately fell in love. I was also pretty pissed off that I'd let myself believe what a bunch of envious Scottsdale losers told me and didn't visit sooner.

The best part is that dreaming of living here created such a motivating goal for me that I got my butt into high gear and got my business off the ground, and what seemed so insanely expensive and out-of-reach finally became a reality last year.

I think that's a big part of what pisses me off about Arizona ... if people would think and dream bigger, they'd attain so much more in life, but instead they're content to get by with the status quo and never desire anything better. And on top of that, instead of working hard to be able to move here, they lie to themselves and everyone else that they live in the best place and CA sucks.

I think Steve may actually believe his own b.s. after lying to himself and everyone else for so long......

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