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April 24, 2008


Manuel Barrios

I've been to the El Pedregal plaza near the Bolders. Of course it's a complete joke, as it's filled with shops trying to sell overpriced, crappy southwestern art, jewelry and furnishings. Furthermore, the mexican food restaurant there I ate at (the name of which escapes me) was absolutely terrible -and for a premium price, of course.

Dean Kennedy

What this Shoemaker tool meant to say was.. "They got pissed about the negative review. When given the choice between doing the right thing and standing up for my critic or sticking my tongue up the ass of my advertiser and giving it a few twirls, I of course chose to toss aside whatever integrity might exist in my body and fired the critic. Now I can keep my job, and continue my life's work of flashing smiles at people while I stab them in the back. It's a good life, really, lots of neat stuff and I get to bang the occasional cougar, but I am empty inside. That's OK though, everyone I associate with is a faceless, useless asshole so all is well. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go hide my 3 Series BMW before it gets spotted by the repo man."

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