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May 16, 2008


Shyster B Harvey

I don't really consider myself rich or important, but I really like grocery delivery service here in Houston. It's a small fee for the amount of convenience and time I save.

It usually takes me 40 minutes to an hour to go to the store, wait in line, and get my groceries for the week.

In that period of time, I could be at work, working overtime, getting paid good money and saving time to allow me to do other things more productive than stand in line.

Joe Jacari

Yeah, I'd never heard of "Bottle Service" until I came to Arizona.

I guess growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area put me behind the curve culturally, since I wasn't aware of such night club sophistication and bon vivant VIP-service for the common man.

I wouldn't be surprised if the genesis of BS (Bottle Service) revolved around shady club owners realizing they needed a way to sheist the ego-maniacal $30K millionaires out of some more of their ill-begotten credit card funds and narcissistic desire to impress the botox beauties, chicks with fake racks, gold digging floosies, etc.; hence, they cooked up the VIP Room Bottle Service transfer of money scheme.

Predictably, the common trailer trash vulture clubbers went for the promise of a great time, and then even more sophisticated predators were happy to oblige them by selling them on the idea that "class" can be purchased with a credit card in one of their VIP rooms.

Of course the delusional Scottsdale clubber fell for it hook, line and sinker, and dove headlong into his fantasies of popularity, wealth and power--that supposedly go along constitute the affluent Scottsdale "lifestyle"--and bought the materialistic mirage of importance through wine, women and song.

Suddenly, every self-indulgent crank with a fake life, leased condo and Beemer, maxed-out credit cards and a desire to live large could imitate Snoop Dog, Fiddy Cent, Tupak, Scarface et al, and be the club big shot, even though in the real world said dude was really a loser.

Ever see the disgraceful pictures of your average white guy in one of these clubs flashing LA-style gang signs, and wonder "why is this dude trying to imitate ghetto trash?"

Imagine the former big shot now hitching a ride on Scottsdale Blvd. because he's lost it all during the real estate/credit collapse, and realizing as he drives past one of those closed clubs, "Gee, I used to be a VIP at that club, now it's closed. They sheisted me out of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. And for what? Where are my fair weathered friends and Botox beauties now? Probably they moved onto the next target, the next mark."

Boo, hoo...

Frank Rumbauskas

Joe, good one!!!!

I first heard of "bottle service" in Scottsdale, and then Vegas clubs picked up on it. Really, there isn't much difference between the two - Vegas is a place where loser wannabe guys go for weekends. They go because they can't get laid at home and Vegas is their last hope to hook up with a cheap slut in the club. Knowing this, the Vegas club owners capitalize on it and lead these guys to believe that if they spend thousands on VIP access and bottle service that the girls will drop their panties for them. In reality, the girls just drink lots of free liquor from these guys before moving on to the next mark. No sex, ever.

It's the same in Scottsdale clubs.

In addition to "bottle service," another term I'd never heard before moving to Scottsdale is "ultra lounge" ... lol ... what a crock .......

frank schwartz

you don't like vegas?? how about the restaurants and the pools?

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