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May 21, 2008



More Scottsdale Douchebag at its best!



Sorry for so many posts today, but my friend (the Beemer owner) has a question, "If this car is so useful in attracting hot women, then why is he selling it?"


Frank Rumbauskas

He's not getting so many hot women, it's just a big lie to try and sell the car.

From this guy's post and actually bragging that he's on steroids, you know he's SERIOUSLY insecure and is very small in the pants :)

On the aftermarket wheels, as a Mercedes owner and enthusiast, my experience is that people buy aftermarket wheels because they're a lot cheaper than ordering the Mercedes AMG wheels when they buy the car, so the "custom" aftermarket wheels are basically a Scottsdale $30k millionaire phenomenon.


Hey Frank, maybe you've seen me driving around if you're an enthusiast!



What kind of jerk robs a stupid smoothie shope ?
Lots of cash to be had here no doubt. But that could be my daughter or son working behind the counter dishing out smoothies. Or YOUR daughter or son. And some prick walks in...

A brainless prick/monster.

And the brainless prick/monster "brandished" a gun in the commission of a felony, didnt he? Solution: Identification and immediate execution. Problem over (that one) forever. Next.

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