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May 27, 2008



"Laguna Beach robbery" yields even more results.

Frank Rumbauskas

That's nice ... I don't live in Laguna Beach and don't particularly like it either ... basically it's Orange County's only Democrat town and is full of hippies and potheads.


Update: Not that the location really matters, but I had said that the robbery at the Pet Store took place at the MIX in downtown...well, it actually took place in DC ranch!!! My friend works at both locations and failed to mention where she was - hahahaha! DC RANCH = The new Compton.


Hey! Nothing wrong with hippies and potheads.
They're why I love San Diego.

Frank Rumbauskas

There's plenty wrong with hippies and potheads. That's why I don't like San Diego :)

And that's why San Diego and LA both dislike Orange County, or as they call it, "Behind the Orange Curtain."

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