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May 23, 2008



I'll explain it (if the stat is even true):

Arizona has a ton of Native Americans who live off the government's teet in subsidized housing.


I'm pretty convinced that almost anybody with millions that isn't running a company or working in the Phoenix area would never choose to live in Scottsdale for even 6 months a year.


It's Indians... Most of the land in Arizona is reservation.


J.D. Hayworth lost in 06' due to the fact that he is a corrupt scum-bag.... Republicans are fascist scum.... death to Republicans, they have spent the last 30 years destroying this country....


PEW Research is projecting that 1 in 18 Arizona homeowners will go into foreclosure within the next 2 years:



Wanted to add that you can check on the January 2008 status of each state (such as Arizona) on the Fed's dynamic mortgage map. If you do not want to look at the subprimers, click on Alt-A on your right on the toolbar, enter in the zip code, and what sort of info you want (from the menu on the right). The state, such as Arizona, will highlight and be expanded. You can click on the county (the counties will appear) you want (such as Maricopa) and the info box will automatically change to give you the stats for that county. It apparently has been programed to give info down to the sip code level, but I've not been able to get anything out of that feature.


Use this on week*days* if you want the county info -will not show on weekends. However, limited info for the entire state will still appear (in the info box on your right) on weekends.


Sorry for so many posts, but when I read this (below), I was flummoxed that Napolitano can waste so much time on photo-radar and absurdly (and illegally) restricting Sheriff Joe:

"Arizona, Florida and Utah, three of six states with the highest projected foreclosures per homeowner in the country, have also not been quick to respond to their states’ growing crises."

-quote from PEW Research article linked above.


MG, Good Stuff! Thanks.


Thank you, raven :)

Question for AZ people: "Valley scum" - I was recently told that this term is used to describe PHX people who have roots in Cali.

Is this true?


Frank Rumbauskas

Just back from visiting friends in La Quinta, CA - had a blast - that area is like a much nicer and friendlier version of Scottsdale. Or 1990s Scottsdale depending on how you look at it.


I heard a funny song on the radio today...they played it by request, and it was a parody of the Flobots Handlebar song. Except that it was reworked into "The scottsdale douchebag" song. The lyrics were great.

You can read about it, and listen to it here.

Sounds to me like the author visits your blog!


Breaking news on FOX - Obama claims his uncle liberated Auschwitz - trouble is he has no uncle and the Soviets were the first to liberate that camp. Link:


Jimmy Carlin

You're right, Scottsdale is full of fly by night, scre whoever gets in your way types...BTW< please stop by Pearl Sushi on Drinkwater to get the latest view of Scottsdale loosers...that is if you enjoy 30K / Yr millionaires...Mmm Scottsdale... Perhaps I'll buy a home in DC Ranch...and use all the maxed out CC to line my drive way...hope the Gustapo HO doesn't mind.


So my friend works at "the MIX" in downton Sceeezzzdale and the DOG STORE in the shopping center was just robbed at gunpoint!!! How classy Scottsdale! Just F.Y.I.




Regarding Obama quote...he has an uncle who is still alive, (in his 90s), and was in the US Army and one of the first of the troops to liberate Buchenwald, another horrific Nazi extermination camp..so he got the name of the camp wrong.
Now the real breaking news today, and probably not much coverage on Fox News, is the new book by Bush Texas confidant and White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, stating the behind the scenes scheming to start what he calls the unnecessary war in Iraq and more on the manipulation of the facts and the media.

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