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May 31, 2008



There's something about this incident that doesn't compute.


Frank, you really are a time wasting asshole. No, let us change that to complete asshole. I just came back from a three day business trip to La Jolla...the spot you will never be able to afford on your scam 'ventures'. The local papers
and media were full of egregious acts. This from an area
that many consider demographically on par with N. Scottsdale.
I guess you couldn't make it here. Shmuck.

Frank Rumbauskas

First of all, Stevie, La Jolla is less expensive than where I live now. Oh well, I guess you're wrong on the "can't afford" part.

Second, although slightly less expensive than Newport Beach, La Jolla is *far* more wealthy and upscale than north Scottsdale can ever hope to be. Scottsdale will never, and I mean NEVER, even approach the quality of La Jolla.

"I guess you couldn't make it here"

Steve, put down the crack pipe. If I couldn't make it in Scottsdale, I would've moved to Las Vegas or somewhere similarly lower-class. If you think someone who "can't make it" in Scottsdale packs up and leaves for a place that is 5x more expensive, then you really need to stop smoking the crack pipe and shooting all those illicit drugs into your veins.



More armed robberies. Why do people keep putting up with this crap. What wrong with a law like the one I have: Armed robbery, first offense: Firing squad. And if you're already in prison, serving time for a previous armed robbery, the law has now been changed to retroactively provide for your presence before the firing squad. Pretty soon, guess what? No 'armed robbers exist. They're extinct. Not sorry.

Do onto others...

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