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May 28, 2008


Shyster B Harvey

You mean you have to do stuff for stuff to happen?

How bizarre!


People make jokes about the secret, but it works. It really works. Just today I was seeing myself with a beautiful Eastern European woman to have as my wife...lo and behold I get home and my landlord has his cousin cleaning my house as a favor for me. She just happens to be a beautiful Romanian girl... hmmmm now how in the world could that be?

Joe Jacari

Cool info. on hunkering down to get things done.

Thanks for the motivation!


Never ceases to amaze me about American culture that fabulous riches,romance,eternal bliss, sexual prowess,six-pack abs,family harmony and on and on....can all be achieved by reading a book or viewing a DVD.
Its really indicative,IMO, of the poor educational system and the disintegration of the family unit which results in a sizable portion of the population seeking easy fixes to common everyday life challenges.

Shyster B Harvey


What's more amazing is that Frank capitalizes on that culture, thus perpetuating it.


This book The Secret is a pile of crap. It is yet another piece of mystic mumbo jumbo that lazy people lap up. It is a disgusting tribute to the vapid society we live in. The secret that people who follow this tripe don't get is that they wasted their money on buying garbage, thus making the author wealthy and themselves fools!

Chris G

Coffee is for closers.

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