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May 20, 2008


Joe Jacari

I saw this comment on the "Housing Panic" site and wanted to address it, since it's aimed at Frank and the guy obviously doesn't know what he's talking about:

Anonymous said...
This site has a great deal of valuable information but Frankie doesn't know squat about Scottsdale. According to him, the streets and shops are barren due to 30 K millionaires. The streets are crowded and people are spending money as usual. Not everybody in Scottsdale has a variable rate mortgage. There are actually many normal families that live here. It's just the idiots who make the press.
May 20, 2008 6:27 PM

Hmm...that's funny.

I went with someone to Old Town Scottsdale, from NW Phoenix,
to Frank and Lupe's Mexican Restaurant for some good chow.

I commented to my female companion, "wow, look, it's only a little after 7:00 p.m. on a Saturday and there's hardly any traffic. Usually there's people driving all over. I wonder what' up with that?"

Frank and Lupe's was practically empty and I got a parking spot right out front, across the street. We never get a parking spot, especially right out front, at that time on a Saturday.

We figured with gas at $3.65 a gallon and the conflagration of tapped-out, credit card dependent socialites, nobody could afford even a modest-priced plate of Mexican chow.

Go to either the Salt River or Talking Stick casinos and see the half-empty slots and tables, etc.

Look at good restaurants--like Jade Palace, right off of Scottsdale Blvd.--that are closing left and right. check out the number of gas stations and mini-marts closing in NW Phoenix.

Shit is hitting the fan...

I repeat, the shit is hitting the fan but good!

Bon apetitos!

Frank Rumbauskas

Yeah these clowns assume I'm out of touch with Scottsdale having moved away a year and a half ago ... however, I was just there two weeks ago and a lot of things stood out:

- Much less traffic than a year ago

- Stores and restaurants were dead

- Far, far, far fewer luxury cars on the road

Etc etc. Hell, at this rate it might not be long before I *LIKE* Scottsdale again!!!

On HousingPanic ... I think I've had my fill of that site. It was great for a while - and highly entertaining - but has since turned into an anti-capitalist, anti-business, liberal Obama lovefest. I'm afraid living in Europe has destroyed Keith's brainpower :(


Drunk because they're bored out of their minds in the soulless,fake and transient place they live in.

Meanwhile, the Scottsdale 30k millionaires are getting desperate for cash now that the easy HELOC money is gone, in order to make those leased BMW payments and buy gas.(This incident took place in a supposedly "ritzy" part of North Scottsdale).

>>Gunman sought in robbery of juice shop

Amy Brooks - May. 21, 2008 10:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

Police searched Wednesday for a man who flashed a gun and demanded money at a Scottsdale smoothie shop, officials said.

The robber made off with an undisclosed amount of cash Scottsdale police said, after he approached a cashier and lifted his shirt to reveal a handgun tucked in his pants about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Booster Juices, 20553 N. Hayden Road.

Police described the man as in his 20's, white, clean-cut, about 6 feet tall with a skinny build, wearing a white shirt, black hat, and sun glasses.

He fled eastbound on Thompson Peak Parkway in a newer model gold Nissan Altima police said.

There was no surveillance footage taken of the robbery, police said.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


SCOTTSDALE..... ladies and gentlemen is infested with a bunch of neophytes to wealth.

Living in Cave Creek, I was out and about in fakeass' Scottsdale working on my swing at the driving range when this dumbass Scottsdalinian takes the spot right next to me while talking on his bluetooth. And the ape decides to make his importance of this call if you will known by everyone on the whole damn range by talking extra loud in the earpiece then looking around after his shitty follow-through to see if anyone had acknowledged his dumbass.

-But what was I supposed to expect by going to a range in Scottsdale. Shame on me by doing so. THANK GOD that I don't live there.

Frank Rumbauskas

Heh ... yeah ... I never understood how anyone thinks talking loudly on a cell phone makes them look important. It just makes them look like jackasses if you ask me.

Cave Creek is cool, hopefully the NIMBYs don't take over and ruin it. I'm starting to worry about that now that the idiots are trying to ban mounted shooting up there.

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