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July 17, 2008


joe jacari

Yes! Good analysis.

The unbridled pursuit of pleasure, Scottsdale style, is a good recipe for the misery you see all around you here in Arizona: quantity over quality; quick buck schemes over prudence and thrift; con artistry and bamboozlement over productivity and achievement; chicks sporting fake racks instead of showing respect for what they were given naturally; one-upping your neighbor instead of extending a helping hand; disorder, instability and insecurity masked by partying with drugs, booze and irresponsible gambling.

All in all, it's a human chicken gumbo stew of misery--fried up Chipolte style--in the geographic equivalent of a giant stir fry Wok called the Valley of the Sun, whose average summer temperature is a torrid 111 degrees in the summer.


steve lowen

Frank, we thought you finished your infantile diatribes re: Scottsdale....I gather you need stepped up Anger Management
Sessions, and increased doses of medications.
Stick to your nonesense about New Yorkers, my friends and
neighbors in Manhattan thought this entertaining coming from
a wacko in California.

Frank Rumbauskas

Ahh, nutcase Steve is back. I guess his straitjacket was defective and he escaped the nuthouse again.

What's most amusing is his claim about friends in midtown Manhattan. Funny, are they living in their offices? Because almost everyone I know in NYC lives uptown or downtown and works midtown.

Nice try, Steve. Keep up the jealousy at the fact that I live in a great place while you'd never hack it here and are stuck with a life sentence in Scottsdale, America's reject bin.

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