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July 13, 2008


steve lowen

Get a life, Frank.
Many out here in the land you 'despise', but clearly obcess over, cannot fathom why anyone would focus on a city they cannot abide by. I explain this to those that question your 'motives'. You are really taken with Scottsdale, but cannot afford to live here, or are simply not intellectually gifted, as many here are. The fact that you obviously have too much time on your hands; probably due to serial unemployment, or under-employment, simply affirms earlier
analysis. Second, you have attracted the lunatic fringe, who
like you, cannot aspire to Scottsdale. Your early description of gaining information from a friends supermarket packout wife, easily illustrates the downmarket crowd that, as our next
President described, is into 'religion, guns and six packs' (par.)
addresses the level of your associates.


Its called....SCOTTSDALE.


Frank: are you aware of this site? Maybe your site and Mesa's could form a coalition.



Frank Rumbauskas

Steve is pissed off and fuming again because he's jealous that he can't afford to live in the OC. I love his single-digit retarded logic that I can't afford Scottsdale, one of the cheapest banal living places in America ... LOL ... my guess is he's still angry and resentful that he was run out of NYC and is forced to live in a shithole way out in the desert, not even near any stores or conveniences.

MG - I have my hands full right now, on top of launching one new business and talking with my developers every day regarding another one, I just found myself as one of the heads of a new Political Action Committee that just formed here in CA .... oh what have I gotten myself into??!!?!

One thought though about that Mesa site, Mesa is the only other Arizona city that makes as many false DUI arrests as Scottsdale (as revenue generation of course).

Frank Rumbauskas

I found Steve's address. I know another reader posted that he lives in the middle of nowhere but I had no idea just how far out he lives. The guy is in EXTREME northeast Scottsdale, out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. He is on the very last street on the map, on the very edge of the Valley of the Sun, before you are in the barren desert.

The terrain on the satellite view on Google Maps looks like the moon.

Not only is this guy forced to live in Scottsdale but he can't even afford to live anywhere near civilization in Scottsdale!!!

Also, I googled Steve's phone number and a pet sitter ad came up. Now I love pets and I love pet sitters - ours does a great job when we're traveling - but seriously, Steve? You want to keep posting here about how rich you are when you watch pets for a living? Come on, get real. You are either mentally deranged and belong in the nuthouse, or you are the king of all Scottsdale phonies and actually believe your own bullshit.

In addition to the pet sitter ad, I found an old listing showing Steve as a realtor. Big surprise there.

Steve will probably take a few puffs from the crack pipe, fry some more brain cells, and post another deranged comment about how I "can't afford" to live in cheap Scottsdale.


Steve must be feeling more Lowen than Rivero this week. I noticed he dropped the hyphen. I did not realize until reading his post that Scottsdale like M.I.T. was a magnet for great minds and intellectuals. Sure I have seen the commercials for the prestigious Scottsdale Community College. Who would have thought? I was hoping Steve could name a few of these "intellectually gifted" people who live there since as he says there are so many. Just two or three of the better known intellectuals please.

Frank Rumbauskas

I found a blog post by Steve somewhere else, giving tourist advice and telling someone that Scottsdale is a wonderful place to visit except for the "Beverly Hills prices" ... LOL!


One word sums up Steve’s unintelligible drivel “obcess” [sic].

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