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July 14, 2008



I say to the global warming nut jobs:

How naive and pompous of you to think that us humans would have even the slightest effect on our climate or this Earth we inhabit. This planet has existed for over 4 billion years... and our occupation has lasted for only a small fraction of that.

Our Earth has endured far worse things than the emittance of pollution we humans have emitted. Just recently (geologically speaking) in 1991, the eruption of mount Pinatubo ejected more than 5 billion cubic meters of ash into the atmosphere. This is more particulate matter than all automobile exhaust emissions since the invention of the automobile!!

Not even the extinction of the dinosaurs caused by the impact of a meteorite so massive that an entire epoch of species was obliterated from the planet was enough to "kill" mother Earth.

We humans are being spoon fed a bullshit scam of immense proportions by a group of people with not only an ulterior agenda but a complete lack of moral direction.

Wake up people and stop being sheep!

Frank Rumbauskas

Matt, VERY well said. I may be starting a new site and HD podcast on iTunes soon to hopefully wake people up to this massive fraud. If so I'll shoot you the details so you can continue your commentary :)

It only takes a few minutes of research and rational thought to quickly dismiss the global warming myth, so I get so damn frustrated that people just sit back and believe everything the heavily biased media spoon-feeds them.

Why oh why are Americans turning into such ignorant idiots?

I read an interview the other day with the head of a company in India who commented that Indians have always looked up to Americans as their inspiration and role models, but now Indians are shocked and disappointed that their once-heroes are turning into a nation of sheep and whiners instead of a nation of leaders.


Happy Bastille Day Frank.

Those lyrics of Mr. Peart a sure appropriate given today's climate.


You guys are doing a great service to the community and I hope more people find out about the site.

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