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July 21, 2008



Check out this reader comment on today's AZ Republic foreclosure article referencing Scottsdale...this is the typical scummy A-hole mentality that has infected this shithole:

""If you don't live in Scottsdale, you don't matter.

Us Scottsdale residents are quite simply the movers and shakers of Arizona -- if not the entire SouthWest USA -- having worked hard, we can now reap the benefits.

If you live elsewhere, you simply didn't work hard enough to get where we are. And I feel sorry for you. I heard that 90% of Chandler lives on welfare, LOL, try harder folks.""

Frank Rumbauskas

That is HILARIOUS!!!

Scottsdale has got to be the only place in America where people who live in a substandard, low-income, reject bin of a shit hole actually believe they're better than everyone else!!!

Movers and shakers of what? Working 3 shifts at McDonald's to make your BMW payment??!?!

Joe Jacari

I can show you just as nice or nicer places in North Phoenix for half the price of Scottsdale. You just have to drop your ego and materialistic mindset and be individualistic, instead of a sheeple.

I don't want to live around a bunch of Scottsdale pretentious dolts!

If there's a fricken' bandwagon the idiots in Scottsdale will jump on it.

You know what? I went to Ft. McDowell to blow some money gambling (I can afford it) and I was shocked at how many freeking traffic cameras there are on the way through Scottsdale. It's a damn moral outrage that a veteran like me has to feel like I'm living in a Soviet-style block-watch community.

You guys suck a**!


This website sucks!!!!!!!!!!!


This website SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


Frank Rumbaskus sucks - who the f are you - you are a loser!!!!!!!

Frank Rumbauskas

I see we have a shining example of Scottsdale's wealthy and elite here.

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