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July 17, 2008



Hey Frank,

You have my E-mail address, I'm moving to Thailand (Yes Thailand) Ive been working importing products from several manufacturers for my friends companies and have decided to jump all in. If your working on a product I'd love to have the chance to source parts or the entire production for you down in Thailand.


frank schwartz


good for you. but

frank doesn't sell products.

i thought that you would have picked that up by now....


Hey Matt thats awesome. Where in Thailand are you moving to? I was hoping/dreaming about moving out of the USA in the next 10 years or less to s.e. Asia. I have been to Thailand a few times and its one of the places I was considering moving to. Part of the reason I have not left Arizona is because of my desire to leave the USA. I don't want to move out of Arizona get settled and then move again if I decide leave the country. The other obstacle I have is how will I survive over there. I could try to live off interest income for awhile but thats not a solid enough plan. Please Matt if you are able stay in contact with the board and let us know how things are going over there.

As for why life here is so unstable for many I believe it is because Arizona attracts malcontents. It used to be cheap to live here. The sun and 80 degree weather is one hell of a lure when its 23 degrees back home. On the surface many parts of the Phoenix metro area appear affluent. You drive by nice manicured lawns and newly built houses and think that looks like somewhere I would like to live. That is until you do live here and learn most jobs don't pay well. The neighbors in what you thought was a nice area are real annoying Aholes. Most of the people you thought were doing well are barely treading water and up to their necks in debt. So now your here and what you thought was a move for the better turns out not to be bliss. Then you try to make the best of it and attempt to make friends . There too you find people here don't make real friendships. What you have is competitors. Your co-workers, neighbors, and anyone you attempted to befriend are in direct competition with you. Who has the hottest or richest spouse, most expensive or newest house/car ect ect. This is exactly how I believe a lot of people live in this state. Its also how I think they end up going broke, marrying several times, and moving several times.

scottsdale is stupid

Good luck to you! Funny, I was also thinking about moving to another country when I have enough money. I'm not sure where though. I don't know if I want to get out of ONLY Arizona. I also don't want to offend anyone here but I'm not sure I like where we're headed as a country. It's not just AZ although AZ may very well be one of our worst states in terms of corruption, education, crime, what have you. I'm only 21 right now so I've got a ways ahead of me but I'm trying at least.

Frank Rumbauskas

Good luck Matt!

I do have a couple of provisional patents waiting for action, and will need some stuff for another project so when it goes out to bid I'll let you know!


1) frank schwartz...ummm nevermind, just read Franks post below yours.

2) I am moving to Bangkok. I have to tell you...well warn more like.... If yo do go there, there is a 95% chance you will come home and figure out how to move there permanently; thats with a wife and kids. If your single, than sorry your going to do it anyway.

First off, the cost of living is about 4-6 times less than living in America. So if you bring home lets say 5K per month, that would afford you a lifestyle in bangkok the same as living on 30K per month here in the states. The current exchange rate is about 33 Baht to one US Dollar, and the typical Bangkok penthouse costs about 100,000 Baht a month. So you 5K per month income is US Dollars gets you $165,000 Baht a month. A typical meal for one person is 60 bhat. A tuk tuk (Taxi) ride across town is 50 Baht. A night out of drinking and partying including a threesome back at you place with MODEL QUALITY girls would run you 2,000 Baht or $60.00 US.

Bu aside from that read up on the expat forums about Americans in bangkok... the city has more to offer than New York and Vegas put together. I cant even begin to describe this country but the opportunities are huge here if you've got a good head on your shoulders.

Don't get me wrong...I love America, Ive served in her Armed forces and been a good citizen, but for some reason, there is a freedom of experiencing another county that many including myself describe as paradise one earth... never heard that about Snottsdale..lol

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