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May 05, 2005


Hmm. Alright, I stand corrected. It's good that they're moving above and beyond what John McCauley, the company's senior vice president for marketing, said as of last Friday in the Pioneer Press/Twin Cities.Com-- that the times in the company's newspaper and Web listings would still be the times when the trailers and commercials start but the ads will also carry a note advising that, as McCauley put, "the feature presentation starts 10 to 15 minutes after the posted show time."

Now of course, one could say that now it's a trade opff between arriving early and sitting through trailers and commercials, or arriving closer to the movie start time, but not having a good seat. In that case, why not be pro-active and give customers a way to reserve seats in theathers? I already do a fair amount of movie ticket buying online, so why not make this an added feature?

They'd already been using the one-liner. As of last week they announced that they will begin publishing the actual times.

Well, not quite.

Loews will have a one-line rider that says "the feature presentation starts 10 to 15 minutes after the posted show time."

I don't think a generic footnote in their add that says 'the feature presentation starts 10 to 15 minutes after the posted show time' really counts as publishing the real times.

First of all, which is it, ten or fifteen?

Second, which of the two times will movie times aggregators like movies.yahoo.com and moviefone publish?

And how will I know which is which?

I know what you mean about cold calling, Frank! Your customers should call you; they know what they need. Anyway, I'm trying to help reduce cold calling with my website, www.trade-pals.com . It just launched.

Yes, that is correct. I own a large insurance agency. My agents focus on mortgage protection life & disability insurance. They do not cold call because we have built a marketing system that provides qualified leads for them on an ongoing basis. My top agents are closing 80% of these leads on the first appointment.

Requiring reps to cold call is nothing more than a sad excuse to avoid the expense of a solid marketing program. Marketing eliminates the need for cold calling. The lack of marketing support is what drives helpless sales managers and VPs to require cold calling.

You want to know why my agents do not cold call, do not need to, and are not permitted to? It's because having my agents cold calling would COST ME MONEY. Plain and simple. End of story. I am in the insurance business to make a profit, not to lose money on fruitless activities.

So if I were a Global VP of Verizon, you would have my organization remove cold calling from our daily activities? I don't think that is realistic. I can understand if reps can leverage technology to help broadcast/network to a wider audience and compliment cold calling but cold calling works. And it works for many many people. Should it be the only activity of an inside sales rep? No way. But I think 'no cold calling ever' is suicide.

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