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May 25, 2005


Cold calling busy people who aren't thinking about your product (and who might not care) isn't going to work very well. I cold called for newspaper subscriptions when I was in college. I found that most people weren't interested. I don't think I ever had a sale. Most of the people sitting in the room with me had the same results. I followed the company's flowchart script per their instructions, so things might have been different if we had authority to ad lib in response to things customers might say instead of responding with a canned comment from the chart.

Cold calling people who are interested is different, however. Get a list of people who are highly interested in an issue or product and they will listen and respond. This happens often with political telemarketing calls. A call out of the blue to someone interested in a candidate can do wonders.

Well...I would agree with you that cold calling is not the most efficient way of closing business, but 0%?? I can discount that today. I just maked cold call to a hospital in rural Illinois to inquire if they use contract physicians specifically OB/Gyn. The Admin Asst said to hold on and transferred me to the VP of Business Development who not only wanted my contract OB doc but gave me an order for two permanent OBs as well. In the course of about 15 mins, I generated about $70-75,000 of business.

As someone who has experimented with a variety of lead generation tools, cold calling is low down on my list, and I sell a product that every business needs, money!

Having said that, any lead generation technique takes time to build up velocity. I have read Frank's book, among others, and found that it was at least honest enough not to fill you with bogus closing lines.

I will say though that in certain situations, cold calling has been very successful in pitching to the CEO/President of a mid to large sized company. These guys and girl have an interest in hearing from people outside of the company to learn more about the business environment. In dealing with the CEOs, you typically do not run into the politics and teritorial behavior you see with mid-level managers.

Just my 2 cents

I've been in sales for about 15 years and have only worked for one company that outsourced the cold calling away from the salespeople and to a dedicated team of appointment setters. It had modest success but not enough for the company to justify the expense so they discontinued it. My current company employs an inside sales staff that goes after the smaller clients in an area. I suspect much of their time is spent spinning their wheels leaving messages and Fedexing out packages that their prospects might or might not take a look at. It seems to me it would benefit the company much more by employing these inside salepeople as lead generators for us salespeople out in the field to close, but don't tell my company that. They want the inside staff to succeed on their own so they can justify bringing the entire sales operation inside.

Of course telemarketing is a billion dollar industry. That's because I hire telemarketers and advise my clients to do the same.

Look at the composition of the word: tele MARKETING.

Marketing is not selling. Selling is not marketing. Prospecting is not selling. Selling is not prospecting. That's why it is smart to pay prospectors to prospect and salespeople to sell. But having salespeople prospect is stupid and a total waste of time.

How many times do I have to explain this before people get it?

What kind of documentation to you expect someone to provide?? Thats why no has provided it. Cold calling goes on every day and milions of dollars are generated because of it. If you don't understand that you really are ignorant. If no one was making money cold calling then why is telemarketing a billion dollar industry? Mabye you suck at it but that doesn't mean it doesn't work.

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