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June 22, 2005


Wouldn't cold calling and qualifying the prospects first, so that the calls wouldn't eventuate in appointments that go nowhere, be more feasible?

As far as not being able to get through to decision makers on the phone, what about sending marketing to these people and the marketing piece finds it's way into the trash can instead of the decision maker.

Isn't that the same as being hung up on during a cold call?

What's the difference?

On top of this, how many people send marketing pieces to prospects and then followed up with a call to see that they got it? And no-one knew of the marketing piece that was sent.

The follow up is a cold call in itself, because you cannot assume that the marketing piece got to the target person.

I'm confused... Maybe you can help clarify how to get around this frustrating area, that I find personally.

The company I work for employ a telemarketing group, and that pays for itself and earns money for the company. It has lower average sales per person than the other marketing groups, though, so it's not clear whether this actually is a good use of resources. (There's some of the telemarketers I wouldn't let meet a customer, though...)


Yes, they do get appointments from cold calling, and ironically, that's what renders cold calling so ineffective - the appointments it generates are largely UNQUALIFIED appointments! The dreaded "cold calling blitz" is the most dangerous animal of all. It forces sales reps to rapidly get as many appointments as possible with anyone who is willing to meet with them. This results in the most unqualified appointments possible and nobody ever gets sales this way! Just lots of wasted time in front of people who meet with you but then never return another phone call.

Well...I suppose there's one born every minute that'll actually believe such things re "re-invented cold calling"...You're right on the money in this blog. And, as a growing number of people drop their land lines - it's increasingly difficult to find them anyway. Selling is about building relationships - not the old "smilin' and dialin'"

I've had the same experience when asking people to give evidence of successful cold calling. "I do get appointments!" is the best they can do. Okay, but do you get sales? And how long did it take you to get there?

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