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August 01, 2005


Carlo, there are literally DOZENS of ways to reach prospects and get appointments that work better than cold calling. Sign up for my newsletter to get started on learning how.


yes, i agree that cold calling doesn't equal appointments and sales, but how else can we make appointments? Sales? i myself hate cold calling but i'm in sales and i find there are no other ways to get in a prospects office to talk to them, what more to sell to them? Letters are easily disgarded and it is more unprofessional and rude of you barge in thier office. so, you've got any solutions or alternatives, PLEASE tell me. i would love to hear and apply it in my sales efforts.

thank you.

For my response to this please look down a few posts to the discussion about selling with leverage. It explains that even if cold calling is working for you, you're still missing out on the rich spoils of using self-marketing.

I have read your blog for a while and have a few comments.

First I assume you are talking primarily about consumer cold calling as it is clear to me that if one can craft and deliver a complelling highly targeted message to a qualified prospect in the corporate market and you can and will find enough sales to justify the time. In my experience about 1 in 4 of these cold calls delivers a pipeline prospect and about 1-2 of these will close through the sales cycle.

Second, You frequently say that cold calling NEVER works, but I have known many very productive salespeople who built their business on cold calling.

I realize that you are selling a service and it must be a great hot button to sell salespeople on not having to do the grunt work of cold calls but do you not acknowledge, that with proper precall planning and with a thorough understanding of a prospects business that a salesperson can break through the clutter and connect with a prospect?

Anyway, I am a student and practitioner of the sales process and enjoy your blog and would love to hear your response.


What do you suggest be said to managers when presenting cold call alternatives?

It's funny how entrenched some of these folks are with their thinking. They often believe the old "more activity, more income" broken record they preach to sales people.

Thank you for addressing these important points head-on, too many new sales people are working too hard trying to make sales brute force. There are alternatives to cold calling.


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