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March 03, 2006


Dear Frank

Your not a genius, your just an average guy with a brilliant insight. As I wrote to you before telling you that the Director of the company I worked for, bought never cold-call after I showed him your site. It's unbelievable that anyone who has read your book cannot grasp the meat and bones of the core essence and absolute common sense of how you direct that selling should be conducted, to quote you 'Your waisting their time' for God's sake give the prospect a chance, using your method may appear simple but the sales logic you use is profound, the psychology of selling you put forward is astonishing and as a rule should be used by all sales professionals. This system will not work for corrupt selling, but for the geniune pro it's the money shot, I assure you. I keep myself signed up for your newsletter and Q&A mailbag as I keep picking up fantastic tips from you, don't cut me off, as you did before, I ask you. Cold calling is a waist of time is elite and you train the students mind into the true art of selling, always driving home the message of consistantcy which produces rapport and Turbo-Charges the prospect to, not only do business with you this time but to keep buying from you. Anyone wanting to confirm is true can contact me at denisraftis@eircom.net, I'll confirm they're on to a winner.

PS Frank I have an Idea how you can really increase sales.


European Institute of Logistics and Transpotp

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