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December 15, 2006


I would like the newsletter specificaly for insurance agents. I am a L&H and P&C agent in AZ and FL

where can I get your book?

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Thanks, and talk to you soon!
Frank Rumbauskas

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Insurance Selling secrets do you have any more copies.
I purchased your program and am now changing to selling inurance please email or call me.
Thanks David Jordan 630-479-7000

Hello Mr. Rumbauskas
I've been in and out of sales for the last 20 years. Each time I start new sales efforts, I use the old standby of cold calling. I knew there had to be a better way mostly because I hate cold calling so much and realise it's because of so little gain. I've been handing out the flyers, have my website up and a Google adwords campaign running and have also written my first newsletter. I hate to put all my eggs in one basket, but, your advise is going to be my new cornerstone for great success. All I really need now is an inexpensive way build my email list. Thank you for offering a better way! TIM

I am new to the insurance business, having just formed my own company specializing in retirement products. I am now trying to set up a website without much success, if you could offer suggestions please. I do already have a web address set up through GoDaddy, but am having difficultly constructing the site. Thank you in advance.

Hello Frank,
Just bought the book, Cold calling is a waste of time. I am reading it thru first and getting all the information into my brain. As I read, I am about to strip my brain gears out, many great ideas,I will go back thru the book outline each idea, and put them to work,I will be in contact with you as I progress. Rayj

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