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January 11, 2007


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I don't know how busy US people are, but in my country Malaysia (especially the capital Kuala Lumpur),the people are getting busier than ever.

In the morning they could be in an important meeting, the next minute driving out for an appointment. Followed by lunch hour, another appointment, washroom breaks, etc...

They just don't have the time to sit down properly and fully concentrate on listening whatever it is we're selling. Even if they do, they might forget everything the next hour or day.

Hello Frank,
My name is Robert Wright I am the New Business Director for a business to business marketing bureau. On my last campaign my hit ratio over the telephone was for ever four clients called I got one meeting. For every two meetings we got one client, out of 30 or so meetings 3 have been with multi billion dollar companies, the rest multi million..

Of course I love to challenge myself which was the reason for my initial interest in your material, I shall look further into this, maybe the Swedish market is easier than the U.S or maybe you've only met people who are really poor at what they do.

Please don't take the above as a critisism as I love your presentation skills and your own success speaks for itself. Personally I started at the very bottom, I don't consider myself to be smooth or sharp, just trustworthy, persistent, consistent, enthusiastic. I shall look further at your material.

Best wishes

Robert Wright

Hi Frank,
The video was great, only tip, change the lighting however to remove the shadows...I am a visual buyer and it distracted me a little..




I don't disagree with your premise at all. Quite honestly, I don't know that you'll convince the die-hard "traditional" sales folks that cold calling is a waste of time. For folks that don't like cold calling and have the option and know-how to attract leads a better way, your method makes a lot of sense.

It seems, though, that using "0" is probably not quite accurate. I'm sure the "hit rate" for cold calling is higher than zero. I know the percentages are very low, perhaps more like one or two out of a few hundred?

Let's say the number is .05% - so 1 out of 200 cold calls results in business. A traditional sales manager, then, is not entirely wrong to say that business can be increased by making more cold calls. Make 400 cold calls and you've doubled your business - two customers.

Now, to your point, how long does it take to make those cold calls. And even more importantly, how long does it take you to "sell" those folks who didn't know you or your product/service from Adam? That's where the inefficiency really comes into play. There's an opportunity cost that is involved and better self marketing can result in better results than cold calling for many professions.

So, I agree with your point. I think your example may be a little more credible to the "traditional" sales managers if you used a different number than zero.


Nice video.

Your simple illustration really brought the point home. This is the first time I have heard anyone say that selling is NOT a numbers game. It is very provocative.

By the way, you are a natural for television. You have a great voice and very engaging energy. Should you ever decide to do an infomercial, you should see great success.

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