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May 23, 2007


Actually Peter, proper marketing can ELIMINATE the need for sales.

If you do a good job of marketing, there is no need for "closing" the sale. People come to you wanting to buy instead.

I understand that this is a touchy subject because if it were implemented properly, a lot of sales managers, speakers, authors and trainers would be out of work. They oppose my ideas for the same reason CPAs oppose the elimination of the IRS - it would be better for the country, but would mean the loss of their jobs.

Same here.

Having taken your seminar and listened to some of your newer stuff, you miss the whole point: Sales is NOT Marketing. Marketing is getting the word out, but sales is making the deal. You talk about marketing tactics like self-promotion and referrals (even Adwords), but you still have to close the sale when (if) you are contacted. (And the cost of acquiring customers is not cheaper than picking up the phone and dialing).

I think that you have made a great point here. I think that we sometimes forget that people don't "intuit" our value and that we must demonstrate it every chance we get.
Thanks for your insight.

Right on Frank! I subscribed the iTunes Podcast! Great work!

I'd like to hear more on your blog about Value. I receive dozens and dozens of different newsletters, and fire experts out of my life all the time. The experts that get my money and attention always provide new value. I've learned to count on you for new value time and again. Thanks for that.

Can you say more in your Blog about your opinions on providing value, what kinds of value to give, what works, when to make it free, how much is the right amount of value, and how to deliver your value so that it creates a response? What are some books to read on the topic of writing valuable content and providing valuable information. I'm sick of everyone's "marketing copy." If they don't give me something funny or interesting, I don't even bother. Thanks for all the info! I use every bit of it!!!

PS. Bring back your Forum - I was reading those posts regularly!!!!!


I agree that trying to sell something these days, especially cold calling, is like treading water in treacle.

People are just so well informed these days, that they have virtually made up there minds on what they want to buy. Sometimes it's what the salesman does or doesn't do that actually kills the sale.

I have been selling cars for 23 yrs and i have never ever asked a customer if they wanted to buy something from me. I just make them obliged to do it. It's the most powerful invisible pressure you can put on a customer, without them even knowing it.

Some people call it obligation marketing, i call it good old fashioned good service based on a super knowledge in my product and the willingness to bend over backwards and deliver on the promise. Regardless of how many times your competitor out prices you, the customer will in 9 out of 10 cases, give you the opportunity to do business.

Hi Frank
I realize that you are marketing your product and services, which i think are great, but cold calling is extremely effective. I have been cold calling for years and the ratios of calls to appointments are very good when the skill is mastered. I train and manage sales people and i find the 80/20 rule to be the case in everything. Even with your products, 20% will make it work and the other 80% will fail at using your products. People always go to the path of least resistance and that will never change. If success was sinple we wouldn't call it success. Success is setting a goal and doing what others won't do and overcomming your fears to accomplish those goals. It's learning and climbing the mountain that u fear and conquering that fear and getting uncomfortable. Cold calling absolutely works.

FRANK'S COMMENTS: Even when cold calling works, it doesn't work. It's severely restricted by time. There are only so many hours in each day, leaving limited time to make cold calls, and time spent cold calling is time that you're not spending in front of qualified prospects closing sales.

Self-marketing will ALWAYS beat out cold calling simply because it's an autopilot system that doesn't require the salesperson's time, and because it's an exponential process that will always generate more leads than even the most hardcore cold caller.

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