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January 18, 2008


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By the way great book! I bought Heating up your Cold Calls, but have found much more from your book!

Highly recommend to anyone who has not read it!

Congrats on the book, you hooked me too. I actually paid Amazon 2-day shipping so I could go over it this weekend. I've just started working as a 'account executive' at 100% commissions. I was hoping to have a great kick-off on Monday to get things rolling. As you'll notice in the bio of my website I have a lot of children that NEED Dad to 'bring home the bacon'. Soon.

Now don't get me wrong the book is GREAT, lots of good info. Its a great additional to my purchase of 'Cold Calling' a few years ago. The problem I had with Cold Calling and now Selling Sucks is a couple of things.

What does a guy do who is just getting started? The ideas are great for someone with a business budget of several hundred to begin with. During the use of the Cold Calling manual the flyer idea fell flat. I figured my 3 days of deliveries must have been to the wrong places or I did a crummy job on the flyer itself. I got ZERO responses.

I don't have the money, yet, to have an 'assistant' setup appointments. I've considered changing my voice and become my own assistant to setup the times.

Can't afford a better suit, the one I have is nearly 12 years old. I feel my only solution is to do it the 'old' way until I can afford to do it your way. I would be walking into small businesses to show them how my companies service and products will 'decrease expenses' (page 60). I sell 'Credit card merchant' services. Or hope to very soon.

Any suggestions on how to start with no current customers, no network and no expertise yet?


If your book is anything like your blog, it will be a smashing success. You clearly understand that doing the little things, like writing a handwritten thank-you card differentiates top sales professionals. It is so easy yet no one takes the time. Why is that?

Congratulations on your nomination. I wish you all the success. Sounds like you certainly deserve it.

Jim Nudelman


Congratulations on your nomination. While I cannot say that I have read your book yet, I have read your blog and you have some very good things to say. Based on how your present yourself in writing here, I'm sure that you are certainly worthy of the nomination. Particularly, your comments about doing the little things to help the relationship. For example, just writing a handwritten thank you note or sending a gift card to your business partners makes a difference. It amazes me how many people decide not to take the time here. The ones that do certainly differentiate themselves from their 8,000 competitors.

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